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fall of their protégé, Iraqi Pres. 20, 1881, Mikkeli, Finland -. director of the National Security Agency (1999-2005) and of the Central Intelligence Agency (2006-09). Shortly after ascending the throne, he led his nation in an inconclusive war with neighbouring Algeria over a dispute relating to their common border. July 6, 1728, Näfels, Glarus, Switzerland -. 14, 1955, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir prime minister of Azad Kashmir (2009-10, 2016- ). Harding was appointed a Division Engineer of Gatun Locks Division in 1907, and then was promoted as Panama Canal maintenance engineer in 1915.


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July 18, 1958, Orivesi, Finland justice minister of Finland (1926-27). He was also speaker of the Chamber of Deputies (2013-17). He organized worker protests in Ohio and Minnesota, and was frequently arrested on charges such as inciting riots. 1891, Damascus, Ottoman Empire now in Syria -. He was ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1978-79 Germany (1995-2001 and Sweden (2001-04) and permanent representative to the United Nations (1991-95). 27, 1942 governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat (1998-2003). One of his most controversial political posts was at Conasupo, Mexico's staples agency that had the role of subsidizing production of corn, beans, milk, and other basic foods.

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Hau Do persian dating australia elverum Suan (b. Hassane Hassane, El-Anrif Said, foreign minister of the Comoros (2013-15). He led the West German delegation to the talks that set up the European Coal and Steel Community (ecsc a forerunner of the Common Market.

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